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Unterbiberger Hofmusik
Sat 12.8.2017 / 20:00
Xaver Himpsl, trumpet & voice
Franz Himpsl sr., trumpet & voice
Irene Himpsl, accordion
Franz Himpsl jr., horn & baritone
Ludwig Himpsl, Horn & percussion & voice
Michael Engl, tuba
Matthias Schriefl, trumpet
For two decades, the Bavarian Himpsl family from the region near Munich and top-notch guests have transgressed the boundaries of music under the name “Unterbiberger Hofmusik”. They play a rather unorthodox combination of traditional brass music laced with jazz and influences from all around the world. Their programme BAVATURKA is a musical relationship struck up with Turkish and Armenian music. The virtuoso way in which they blend various genres with traditional Bavarian folk music has become the “Unterbiberger Hofmusik” trademark. What started as a “flirt” with a single Turkish folk song, became a deep relationship. “BAVATURKA, our Bavarian-Turkish project, could have come about 50 years ago when the first people from Turkey arrived as migrant workers, bringing their music with them. I am really happy about the acclaim BAVATURKA is getting from all around, this means much more to me than mere success as a musician. We want to cross boundaries and bring people and civilisations closer to each other.” (Franz Himpsl)

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