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Martha Laschkolnig
Thu 10.8.2017 / 16:00
There are many stories in which suitcases are mentioned. They mainly deal with travels and adventures. This story is different. Martha packs herself into a suitcase to stay home and tell you exciting stories. She is in the company of her friends, many accordions which are all so very different: from sweet baby accordion to accordion shoes and grumpy old Russian bajan. She might not always hit the most beautiful notes but very often the most thrilling ones.
From her collection of old suitcases, she conjures up pictures to laugh about and marvel at, and she never gets tired of wild contortions, colourful, bizarre images and wonderful melodies. For 14 years Martha Laschkolnig has been enchanting us in many ways. Changing character over and over again, she entertains, bewitches and astonishes us with weird, poetic, simple images, usually without even using words.

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