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CS unterwegs copyright Ferdinand Neumüller (zur freien Verwendung für Print- und Online-Medien unter Nennung des Copyrights)
Blechreiz Brassquintett with Nataša Konzilia
Sat 17.6., Sun 25.6., Sat 22.7., Sun 23.7., Sun 30.7.2017
Various venues
Holger Bleck, idea
Oskar Aichinger, composition
Markus Kuscher, costumes
Tina Perisutti, coordination
Blechreiz Brassquintett: Nico Samitz, Peter Kosz, Hannes Burgstaller, David Zuder, Martin Kohlweis
with Natascha Konzilia, percussion
They appear out of nowhere, a young woman with a drum and the five-piece brass band Blechreiz Brassquintett. They play at railway stations, in outdoor pool compounds, on streets and in squares. They are a motley crew attracting people to new and old music, making them enjoy the summer, the countryside. They bring us well-known and not-so-well-known folk music from Carinthia which gives a voice to cultural diversity in Carinthia due to its German and Slovene background – brushed the wrong way with gusto in new instrumental arrangements by composer Oskar Aichinger. All new pieces were commissioned by the Carinthian Summer Festival. The Carinthian Summer Festival is out and about again in 2017, starting in the festival town of Villach, moving along the railway line from Villach to St. Veit and Klagenfurt, and stopping over in the valleys of the rivers Gail, Lavant and Drava as well as at Friesach.
The musical ambassadors will call at various stations; more information about the specific locations will be published on this site in May.

Tour 1: Sa, 17.6.2017
10.00  Villach Hauptbahnhof Auftakt
10.54  Abfahrt Villach – Richtung Spittal an der Drau
12.00  Spittal an der Drau – Springbrunnen am Stadtpark
14.00  Pörtschach am Wörthersee – Galerie am Kopfbahnhof
15.00  Bahnhof Klagenfurt

Tour 2: So, 25.6.2017
11.00  St. Andrä im Lavanttal – Rathausplatz
13.00  Friesach – Stadtmuseum
15.00  Pörtschach – Monte-Carlo-Platz/Café Bar Edelstein
16.00  Schlossvilla Miralago

Tour 3: Sa, 22.7.2017
10.00  Krumpendorf – Zur Dampflok
11.30  Feldkirchen – Hauptplatz
14.00  Burg Hochosterwitz
16.00  Bodensdorf – Pavillion Park am See

Tour 4: So, 23.7.2017
11.00  Wolfsberg – vor der Kirche
13.00  Friesach – Herzerlkirchtag im Fürstenhof
14.30  Krumpendorf – Parkbad
16.00  Bodensdorf – Urbaniwirt
16.45  Abfahrt mit Ossiachersee Schifffahrt
17.00  Seecamping Berghof
19.00  Hermagor – Gasserplatz

Tour 5: So, 30.7.2017
11.00  Weizelsdorf – Schloss Ebenau
14.00  Annenheim – Seepark Annenheim
15.00  Villacher Kirchtag – Rathausplatz
17.00  Ruden – Museum am Bach

Admission is free!

In cooperation with the ÖBB.