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Orchestra della Svizzera Italiana
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Markus Poschner
Thu 24.8.2017 / 20:00
Orchestra della Svizzera Italiana
Conductor: Markus Poschner

Johannes Brahms:
Symphony No. 1 C minor op. 68 (1862–76 | world premiere: Karlsruhe, 4.11.1876)
Symphony No. 2 D major op. 73 (1877 | world premiere: Wien, 30.12.1877)

The Lugano-based Orchestra della Svizzera Italiana and principal conductor Markus Poschner will present a symphonic highlight of the Carinthian Summer Festival 2017: at the Congress Center Villach they will perform all of Brahms’ four symphonies on two evenings – this is a special and rare opportunity of travelling through the universe of Brahms’ symphonies. The radio orchestra founded in 1935 engaged with Brahms’ symphonies in great depth in 2016, an exercise which led to a new CD recording. The Swiss orchestra seeks to come as close as possible to the original sound of Brahms’ era with the help of advice from the Brahms Institute at the Music Academy of Lübeck.
Conductor Markus Poschner said the following about his project titled “Rileggendo Brahms” (“Re-reading Brahms”) in Lugano: “We focus on the four symphonies by Johannes Brahms as they are anchored in the tradition of Meiningen – this is very different from the Vienna School, an extremely classical interpretation which has been fascinating and interesting to us. The project has been very close to my heart. In the past few years, I reflected much about a certain practice of performing which diverges from the general cliché. There have been enormous misunderstandings when it comes to interpreting Brahms. I have viewed a lot of material in libraries and archives, for example his own notes and those made by his direct assistants on the scores. It enables us to identify his own ideas of what his music was to sound like, and how relaxed or strict he was about his own instructions.”
The conductor, who hails from Munich, laureate of the German Conductors’ Award of 2004, is highly esteemed for his sensational interpretations and recordings of works by Beethoven, Brahms and Mahler. Markus Poschner is Generalmusikdirektor of the Bremen Philharmonic Orchestra and of Theater Bremen, Direttore Principale Orchestra della Svizzera Italiana, First Visiting Conductor of the Deutsches Kammerorchester Berlin and designated principal conductor of the Brucknerorchester Linz as well as the Opera Manager at Landestheater Linz (as from the 2017/18 season). Poschner, who is at the same time an accomplished jazz pianist, has made himself a reputation as an artist pushing boundaries. He is constantly in search of novel and unheard-of contributions to programmes, interpretations and presentation forms. He also has a special feel for communicating what underlies classical music. This is why we are particularly happy that he has kindly agreed to a public rehearsal with the Orchestra della Svizzera Italiana and a talk with the audience between the two days of concerts.
In 1853 Robert Schumann enthusiastically welcomed young Johannes Brahms as the genius “with the calling of creating the most splendid expression of our day in an ideal manner“, and in his sonatas, he already heard “symphonies in disguise”. However, it would take another two decades until “self-critical” Brahms, in 1876, saw the original performance of his 1st Symphony in C minor, op. 68, which he had been working on since 1862, in Karlsruhe. Brahms was more relaxed as he worked on his 2nd Symphony in 1877; most of it was composed during his summer holidays at Pörtschach am Wörthersee. Due to its serene pastoral atmosphere, it became one of this most popular works.

This concert is supported by Kärntner Sparkasse.

Sat 26.8.2017 / 13:00
Public rehearsal with Markus Poschner and Orchestra della Svizzera Italiana on Saturday, 26.8. at 13:00 in the Congress Center Villach. Admission is free! (numbered tickets can be picked up at the ticket office in Vienna or Ossiach)

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