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Trio Catch
Sat 28.7.2018 / 11:00
Boglárka Pecze, clarinet
Eva Boesch, violoncello
Sun-Young Nam, piano

Gérard Pesson: Catch Sonata

Catch! Capture the audience. Clarinet, cello and piano – virtuosos on three instruments so different in tone colour bring out this diversity and re-invent their common unique sound again and again – this is what makes Trio Catch from Hamburg, founded in 2010, so special.
In the morning, Prelude! is the forum where Trio Catch opens up the audience’s ears to new sounds: in their programme Ohrknacker they create the casual atmosphere of a workshop as they present the Catch Sonata for clarinet, cello and tampered piano (2016) composed by Gérard Pesson and dedicated to the trio.

ticket price: € 15* (free seating)
*Combined tickets for Ohrknacker at 11:00 an the evening concert of Trio Catch at 20:00: € 35 (available by phone and at the ticket counter)
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