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Helmut Jasbar
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Johanna Orsini-Rosenberg & Tamara Friebel
„Time stands still with gazing on her face,
Stand still and gaze for minutes, hours, and years to give her place. All other things shall change, but she remains the same, Till heavens changed have their course and time hath lost his name.“ (John Dowland)


Sometimes a single song becomes the nucleus of an entire novel. When the young black singer Jonah in Richard Powers’ Time of our Singing intones John Dowland’s famous song in the old concert hall of Duke University in the final round of a nationwide singing competition, the scene develops into a broad narrative about music, time and racial conflict in the USA. An impulse which can trigger a deluge of memories. Memories shaped in the narrative like time in music.
The motto of the 2019 festival season is Time travels, a quote from Shakespeare’s comedy As You Like It. The presence of the past in the present is reflected in a variety of concerts: The Australian performance artist and composer Tamara Friebel and the artist family Orsini- Rosenberg dedicate a lazy summer afternoon to the Shakespearean motto, presenting world premières and baroque music at Damtschach Castle.
Helmut Jasbar, guitarist, composer and popular presenter for the radio station Ö1, teams up with three ensembles to create a series of jazz concerts inspired by John Dowland’s Time stands still and Tom Wait’s Time. Jazz, chamber music and improvisation are mixed into an original sound with changing motifs: In The Dowland Séance, Jasbar, the sensitive drummer Judith Schwarz and the ingenious hurdy-gurdy specialist Matthias Loibner, the latter two well known to audiences of the Carinthian Summer Festival, go searching for traces of the English Renaissance. Jasbar also teams up with Donauwellenreiter and the Ladin singer Maria Craffonara to form one of the most exciting and uncompromising ensembles from the melting pot Vienna.
And last but not least, Jasbar, Judith Schwarz and double bass player Maximilian Ölz embark on a crossover journey with the avid explorers of Adamas Quartet: Time travels… even more than the previous concerts, this concert revolves around the melancholy of time passing, with the past and the future being embodied in the traditional string quartet and the guitar, an instrument still in evolution. However, the concert also centers on human memory which clings to things that no longer exist.
The sound of snapping fingers, a perfect moment or the feeling that a year has flown by like a second: music passes in time, shapes time and tells about time – it never stands still. Discover the present, memories and traces in time at the Carinthian Summer Festival of 2019.


Thu 11 July / 20:00