Jacobus Gallus
Sun 2.8.2020 / 10:00

Jacobus Gallus: Missa Pater Noster

A fine tradition continues. Once again this year we are looking forward to festive masses which have been composed especially for Carinthian Summer Music Festival. Slovenian composer Tomaž Svete, a professor at the University of Maribor, wrote his Missa Clementiae for the Ossiach community, receiving one of the highest cultural awards of the Republic of Slovenia last year: the Prize of the Prešeren Foundation (Nagrada Prešernovega sklada). The premiere of Jury Everhartz’s Ossiacher Festmesse was so well received last summer that we would like to hear it again this year. The trio concludes with the Missa Pater Noster by Slovenian Renaissance composer Jacobus Gallus.

Free entrance