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Christoph Stradner
Sat 8.8.2020 / 19:30
Benjamin Schmid, Violine

Johann Sebastian Bach:
Sonata in G-minor BWV 1001 for violin solo
Partita E Major BWV 1006
Partita D minor BWV 1004

The Chaconne is, for me, one of the most wonderful, incomprehensible compositions. On a system for a small instrument, the man writes a whole world of deepest thoughts and most powerful feelings. If I had been able to make the piece, to receive it, I know for sure that the exaggerated excitement and shock would have driven me crazy, Johannes Brahms once said about the famous Chaconne from the D-minor Partita by Johann Sebastian Bach. His cycle of six sonatas and partitas is unquestionably a capstone of Western violin art, setting standards of scope, complexity and artistic perfection. The collection of six violin solos, completed in 1720, is preserved in a particularly beautiful clean-copy of the composer’s 1720 work, which has been compared in its clarity to that of the architecture of cathedrals. Sei Solo is the title of the collection, which can be translated as six solo pieces, as well as the statement: You’re alone.
Benjamin Schmid, the world-class violinist, plays three of the unparalleled Bach violin solo works in the Mountain Church of Tiffen. The complete artist, as he is rightly called on his homepage, is in a rare way a master of both worlds: the classical violin and exquisite jazz. He celebrates the latter in the music salon on the 9th of August in the Arnoldstein monastery ruins with his colleagues from the Austria String Trio.
Benjamin Schmid will play the Stradivari violin “ex Viotti” 1718, which is provided by the Austrian National Bank.

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