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Tue 24.7.2018 / 20:00
Matthias Schriefl, trumpet & horn & tuba & alphorn & voice
Alex Eckert, guitar & ukulele & voice
Alex Morsey, bass & tuba & voice
Shreefpunk is a so-called working band founded by jazz trumpeter Matthias Schriefl in 2003; it has been playing ever since, albeit with slight changes in the lineup. Sometimes, the three musicians join a classical string quartet, or they play with Django Bates. Alternatively, they may choose to engage a whole big band. From 2008 to 2010 Shreefpunk toured the major concert halls of Europe as a Rising Star of the European Concert Hall Organisation. Today, they are among the most original ensembles of the European jazz scene. The “enfant terrible of German jazz” (Goethe Institute) is now back, presenting a new repertory played by the small original lineup. Matthias Schriefl, born in 1981, grew up at Maria Rain on the edge of the Alps. After studying in Cologne and Amsterdam, he mainly experimented with music from the Alpine region. In 2012 he released Six, Alps & Jazz, an album which won him several awards.
Schriefl lives in Cologne and in the Allgäu region. His musical curiosity has repeatedly motivated him to depart on long study trips to India as well as various African and South-American countries, where he explored local musical traditions.

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