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Reina del Cid
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OMYA GmbH Plant at Gummern
Fri 9 August / 20:00
“I’ve been described as the girl next door,” Reina del Cid once said, “and I’m trying to stay that way as long as possible.” The American singer-songwriter knows exactly which images and ideas she is playing with. Her songs are deep and often laced with a little double entendre, crystal-clear, unpretentious folk songs, casual and a little bluesy, poetic and with a lot of humour. The lyrics are sometimes inspired by Sylvia Plath’s or T.S. Eliot’s poems, she says. And of course her storytelling, catchy riffs and scorching solos are reminiscent of the great folk classics of the 1960s and 1970s.


But then again, without much ado Reina del Cid will write lyrics to a song ironically titled 1970 – about dementia: You see my good days are the worst days ‘cause I’m alive there in 1970. No, the stories are brand new and they are her own stories which she either shares with the audience teaming up with her band or, as is the case here, in a duo with the fantastic guitarist Toni Lindgren. Lyrics characterised by great sensitivity, naturalness and openness, and of course, they are mostly about love: If you didn’t love me / I would blow away the world and Oh sweet Annie, lying naked on the floor / are you bleeding or are you begging for some more. Sweet Annie, the grown-up girl next door.

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