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Knight’s Hall
Preparing for discoveries, understanding, pricking up your ears, sharpening your senses, activating your memory – this is what you’re in for with Prelude! Trying out makes you want more, knowledge is power and questions are allowed. Prelude! is the brief moment when we stop, experience something new, get introduced and sometimes remember something better as we hear it twice.

Free entry

Fri 5 July / 18:30

Alban Berg Konzertsaal
50 years Carinthian Summer Music Festival “We remember …” with honorary director Gerda Fröhlich and guests

Thu 11 July / 18:30

Knight’s Hall at the Ossiach Abbey 
Helmut Jasbar, Matthias Loibner and Judith Schwarz in a talk with Isabelle Gustorff about Time stands still

Sat 13 July / 10:05 to 11:35

Congress Center Villach 
The Ö1 Klassik-Treffpunkt hosted by the Carinthian Summer Festival

Mon 5 August / 18:30

Knight’s Hall at the Ossiach Abbey
Thomas Fheodoroff in a talk with Isabelle Gustorff about Prisma Wien and Concert Spiritual

Mon 26 August / 19:00

Domenig Stone House
Akos Banlaky in a talk with Kammersänger Helmut Wildhaber and the composer Dieter Kaufmann on Signs of life – Old and new Carinthian songs