Jazz Duo 4675 copyright Mani Froh (zur freien Verwendung für Print- und Online-Medien unter Nennung des Copyrights)
Jazz Duo 4675
Selini Quartet © Damian Posse (Zur freien Verwendung bei Print- und Online-Medien unter Nennung des Copyrights)
Selini Quartet
Viech © Gerfried Guggi
Wed 12.8.2020 / 19:30
Selini Quartet

Nadia Kalmykova, violin
Loredana Apetrei, viola
Ljuba Kalmykova, violin
Loukia Loulaki, violoncello

Duo 4675

Astrid Wiesinger, alto Saxophone
Beate Wiesinger, bass


Paul Plut, Gesang & guitar
Max Atteneder, keyboard
Martina Stranger, bass guitar

Markus Schneider, guitar
Christoph Lederhilger, drums

The New Austrian Sound of Music (NASOM) once again presents artists who represent the entire spectrum of the current musical world in Austria. Founded only two years ago, the young polyglot Selini Quartet has already won many awards. They will play Ludwig van Beethoven’s String Quartet in F minor op. 95, which was, as the composer himself said, written for a small circle of connoisseurs and […] never to be performed in public.
The band Viech recently released their fourth album entitled Niemand wird sich erinnern, dass wir hier waren. (No one will remember that we were here.) This is obviously no reason for resignation, rather merely incentive to play their wonderfully self-ironic songs, all the more relaxed.
The unconventional and always a little anarchic-looking jazz duo 4675, with the sisters Astrid and Beate Wiesinger, turns their sisterly differences into a musical programme and lives in a permanently complex musical dialogue, where it can also crash – towards and away from each other.
Wed 12.8.2020 / 18.30 / Domenig Steinhaus
Ambassador Dr Teresa Indjein, Lyuba Kalmykova (Selini Quartet),
Astrid Wiesinger (Duo 4675) and Paul Plut (Viech) in conversation with Holger Bleck.
Free entrance

This concert is supported by the Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs.

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