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Christoph Ehrenfellner
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Luka Ljubas
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Das Klösterle bei Innerteuchen
Sun 14 July / 11:00
Christoph Ehrenfellner, violin & viola
Luka Lyubas, violin

Selected duos and works for solo violin by:
Jean-Marie Leclair, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Béla Bartók, Luciano Berio, Christoph Ehrenfellner and others.

The idyllic Klösterle near Arriach, a former small monastery, is a gem of late baroque rural architecture. The Klösterle was built during the reign of Empress Maria Theresa, it was home to four monks of the Order of St. Jerome whose had been tasked to convert the so-called “secret Protestants” of the region back to the Catholic faith. As early as in 1786, during the reforms of Emperor Joseph II, the Klösterle lost its role. A few years ago, it was lovingly refurbished in accordance with conservationsts’ requirements by the owners, the Glaunach family. The small “Holy Cross” church, dating from 1768, is the parish church of Innerteuchen, known for the 1758 altarpiece by a renowned painter, Josef Ferdinand Fromiler. This is the inspiring atmosphere in which the versatile violinist, conductor and composer Christoph Ehrenfellner and the highly talented young artist Luka Ljubas from Klagenfurt will take you on a musical journey through time with selected classical and modern works for violin.
Cultural historian Wilhelm Deuer will introduce the audience to the venue.
Curated by Barbara Rombach-Kuderna


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