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Freibühne! Klagenfurt
Fri 17.8.2018 / 14:00
Freibühne! Klagenfurt – Do whatever you want, but do it!
No matter if you are a conservatory graduate or a garage musician, forever young or not that old. Freibühne! Klagenfurt is neither the location for your grandma’s birthday party nor the prestigious concert hall, it is the place for all kinds of artistic expression and every shade of stage experience. Since 2011 Klagenfurt students have organised this series of events, it has so far taken place successfully more than 50 times. Under the sky of Villach town, the series is hosted by the Carinthian Summer Festival this year, as an open(-air) stage. In an informal setting, even the meek will be heard by an interested public and great voices will find open ears and minds. It does not matter where the sounds come from, which languages the voices speak – the point is: Do whatever you want, but do it!
If you want to go on stage on Freibühne! on 17 August yourself, please register and as from now and get yourself a slot on the playbill. We look forward to a short description of your performance and will be glad to add to the programme whatever is possible within a 20-minute slot!

Please send your registration to:
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Admission is free!