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Fazıl Say
Fri 31.7.2020 / 19:30
Fazıl Say, piano

Fazıl Say: Troja (2018)
Ludwig van Beethoven: Sonate No. 14 C-sharp minor op. 27/2 Mondscheinsonate
Ludwig van Beethoven: Sonata No. 31 A-flat Major op. 110

When Fazıl Say first entered the Ossiach Abbey last year, he said that this was exactly the right place for his concert. The moment has finally arrived!
Fazıl Say is one of the most interesting pianists of our time. Not only does he originally interpret some of the greatest piano works, he also composes very personal music independently. Troy, as a sonata of his op. 78, was first performed in August 2018 in Çanakkale, Turkey, at the Troy Festival there. It is a programme of music that cannot be stylistically defined: sometimes rapturously late romantic, with sounds of impressionistic colourfulness, then again archaic and modern – yet always sensual with a direct appeal. In Troy, Say tells the story of the myth handed down by Homer: the robbery of the beautiful Helen of Sparta, the war of the Greeks with their hero Achilles, love, the Aegean winds, the stratagem of the Trojan horse… these are all themes of the sonata, which evoke images that are thousands of years old and imperishable.
From the composer of the year, Beethoven, Fazıl Say has selected an erratic work – the famous Mondscheinsonate and the atmospheric Sonata op. 110 from Beethovens last piano sonatas.
Fri 31.7.2020 / 18.30 / Knights’ Hall of the Ossiach Abbey
Fazıl Say in conversation with Isabelle Gustorff.
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