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Ángela Tröndle and Pippo Corvino
Thu 2.8.2018 / 20:00
Ángela Tröndle & Pippo Corvino Quintett

Ángela Tröndle, vocals & keys & acoustic piano & loops
Pippo Corvino, guitars
Andreas Fürstner, guitars
Maximilian Ranzinger, doublebass
Philipp Kopmajer, drums


Lisa Hofmaninger, soprano saxophone & bass clarinet
Robert Schröck, tenor saxophone & clarinet
Jul Dillier, prepared piano
Judith Ferstl, double bass
Judith Schwarz, extended percussion

Two quintets full of energy at the Alban Berg Konzertsaal: chuffDRONE and the new Ángela Tröndle & Pippo Corvino Quintet. A highly diverse and unconventional group and a real powerhouse, chuffDRONE creates a playground and experimental lab for the music personalities assembled here. Different musical experiences and styles meet, challenging one another in one-on-one and group improvisations, ending up off the beaten track.
Salzburg singer-pianist Ángela Tröndle and Pippo Corvino, a guitarist and composer, have collaborated since 2016; the duo started out with a dialogue on the Internet. In January 2017 Getting Out of the Envelopes was released, their first much-acclaimed album as a duo. After having played numerous live concerts as a duo, they play their music in a quintet lineup for the first time this year.
Thu 2.8.2018 / 18:30
Renald Deppe, himself a saxophonist, composer, curator and mentor of young jazz musicians, in an introductory talk with the five musicians Judith Ferstl, Lisa Hofmaninger, Judith Schwarz, Ángela Tröndle and Beate Wiesinger at the Rittersaal Stift Ossiach. Admission is free!

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