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Barbara Lüneburg
Sun 12.7.2020 / 11:00
Barbara Lüneburg, violin solo

Manfred Stahnke: Capra for violin in scordatura (1987)
Louis Aguirre: Toque A Eshu Y Ochosi for singing violinist (2013)
Johann Sebastian Bach: Partita D minor BWV 1004 for violin solo

For Manfred Stahnke, Louis Aguirre and Johann Sebastian Bach, spirituality and identity are a deep concern. In their music they reach for what lies beyond – beyond our own identity, beyond our understanding or beyond life itself. Manfred Stahnke’s Capra, for example, takes us into the exuberant soundscape of the delicate beauty of a Nepalese fiddler. Louis Aguirre celebrates a rite of the Afro-Cuban religion Santería, which he himself has experienced, and Johann Sebastian Bach wrote the famous Chaconne from the D-minor partita in memory of his late wife Maria Barbara.
Barbara Lüneburg’s artistic worlds are manifold: they are rooted in classical music but reach deep into contemporary music and multimedia performance. Lüneburg moves between composition, performance and research. She has been a professor at the Anton Bruckner Private University since 2018 and previously held the professorship for ensemble and digital performance at the Musikhochschule Trossingen. Carinthian families and institutions have been opening their castles, palaces and gardens to Carinthian music salons since 2016. This year for the first time, Schloss Ferlach will open its doors to the popular salons.
Wilhelm Deuer will give a cultural and historical introduction to the venue.
Curated by Barbara Rombach-Kuderna.

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