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Austria String Trio
Sun 9.8.2020 / 11:00
Wolfgang Muthspiel, guitar & vocals
Florian Eggner, violoncello
Benjamin Schmid, violin

Three strong, internationally present musical personalities unite both themselves and their individual proclivities in the Austria String Trio: The acclaimed violin soloist Benjamin Schmid, who since early childhood has cultivated a flair for both improvisation and jazz in addition to classical music, the cellist Florian Eggner, who performs the finest chamber music in the Eggner Trio, one of the world’s most renowned piano trios of three brothers, and finally Wolfgang Muthspiel, exceptional jazz guitarist and composer, who has also been promoting his singer-songwriter project for several years.
The repertoire of this eclectic ensemble consists of songs by Muthspiel composed for the instrumentation, arrangements and new interpretations of Johann Sebastian Bach, chamber music variations on pop songs and finally pieces improvised in a jazzy sense. Here, the virtues of chamber music and improvisation are combined, often paying homage to beat, pulse and rhythm. Three virtuosos have joined forces and are breaking new ground.

Wilhelm Deuer will give a cultural and historical introduction to the venue.
Curated by Barbara Rombach-Kuderna.

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