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Fri 10.8.2018 / 20:00
Who is Balbina, the woman singing those smart and poetic lyrics, sporting a Frida Kahlo hairstyle and beautiful dresses in which she looks like a figurine from the Triadic Ballett by Bauhaus artist Oskar Schlemmer? Ever since she toured with Herbert Grönemeyer, the Berlin singer-songwriter has attracted audience attention. “Why do lilies of the valley hang their heads? Why am I so tired, what is it that keeps me – what is it that keeps me alive and why?” Balbina asks a list of questions and takes us on a voyage of discovery for the answers. Balbina is pragmatic as she approches the riddles she encounters in every-day life, she uses words to probe, looks for answers to her questions in the questions themselves. She is a careful observer of her environment, finds interesting details and processes which make her wonder. “As great pop music has always sprung from the artfully unresolved struggle between the artificial and the authentic, you will not find a greater pop artist than her in this country, far and near,“ Berliner Zeitung wrote in 2017.

This concert is supported by Omya GmbH.


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