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Jury Everhartz
Jury Everhartz Copyright Daniel Pabst (free use for print and online media when citing copyright)
Jury Everhartz
Artist in Residence – Jury Everhartz
„The artist is the child of vision and experience. One person may be a quiet visionary, someone who only exposes himself to his visions later. And the other might be a spirited person who finds his visions through existential exertion.“ (Jury Everhartz)
An opera for twelve wings and a crocodile? A festival with nine original opera productions in the hall of a big Viennese bread factory? A Mass jointly written by five contemporary composers? Jury Everhartz is an enabler who, as a composer and producer, has a passion for making extraordinary and seemingly impossible things happen. Everhartz was born in Berlin and lives in Vienna. So far, he has been best known as the creator of ten works for musical theatre. In 1998, he joined director and author Kristine Tornquist in founding the award-winning Sirene Operntheater as a podium for new musical theatre. Everhartz composed numerous works for chamber music ensembles. One focus of his work is on vocal music, in almost all his compositions, the human voice is in the foreground. His works are characterised by lightness and a certain pathos of proximity: „The warm depth of closeness is more exciting: I don’t want a smooth, near perfect score, I want one imbued with the joy of playing and activity.“ (Jury Everhartz)
This year the spirited visionary is the artist in residence of the Carinthian Summer Festival.


Sun 7 July / 17:30
Congress Center Villach
Festival Opening: Reception & Ceremony
Jury Everhartz: Fanfare for Carinthia (UA)


Sun 11 August / 10:00

Abbey Church of Ossiach
Sunday masses at the Abbey Church of Ossiach
Jury Everhartz: Ossiach Festive Mass (UA)